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Log Book Servicing

What’s the difference between a logbook service and a normal service? While a regular car service ensures fluids, lights, and overall road safety are checked periodically, a logbook service follows specific intervals set by the vehicle manufacturer.

Each car’s make and model is accompanied by a logbook detailing when specific services should be conducted based on age or mileage. This tailored approach is crucial as vehicles vary in materials and components, making logbook servicing the optimal method for maintaining your car’s health and safety.

At Auto Tech, we specialize in performing manufacturer’s handbook/logbook services according to exact specifications, offering a more cost-effective alternative compared to dealerships. Our comprehensive service includes the following, along with a detailed inspection report:

  • Brakes inspection

  • Exhaust system check

  • Steering and suspension evaluation

  • Use of high-quality parts as needed

By entrusting us with your logbook service, you can rest assured that your vehicle is receiving meticulous care tailored to manufacturer standards, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

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